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Company / Brand Name:   Fakhras

The Ladies Boutique at Emerald Tower Karachi

Fakhras Fashion Collection design fashionable ladies dresses for all occasions. Our outfits are made exceptionally unique in design and comfortable in wearing. we are deeply committed to bring only the best quality of boutiques items and you can trust Fakhras Fashion Collection for all your dress requirements.

Fakhras Fashion Collection creates a niche in fashion and our clients consist of both w
orking women as well as housewives and celebrities. They are fashionable, trendy women who are very conscious of their appearance. They know how they want to look and our line definitely caters to their demand . Our designs are simple and classy and above all very wearable. A combination of style, cut, embroidery and decorations gives a fresh and elegant Look to our dresses. We emphasize for the lowest possible prices and our prices are very reasonable and affordable.

Quality fabrics, embroideries and tailoring are at the heart of every piece made by Fakhras Fashion Collection. An extensive and exclusive range of lines offers everything from casual, party wear, formal to bridal wear. The most beautiful silks, chiffons and jeweled embellishments combine to create pieces which are striking, intricate and above all individual. By combining contemporary cuts with the best traditional craftsmanship from Pakistan, the designs at Fakhras Fashion Collection are opulent and flexible, offering women beautiful pieces which are traditional, yet designed to meet the needs of modern life. From simplicity to splendor, Fakhras Fashion Collection offers elegance and femininity to every woman.

Contact us:
Landline +9221-35147535 Mobile +92-322-3680831
E-Mail: info@fakhras.com